Saturday, January 23, 2010

Knightley in Shining Armor

Austen fever is hitting America (again) with tomorrow's premier of the new version of Emma. It's the only thing that the Austen blogging world has been talking about for the last year (along with zombies, sea monsters, and vampires). If you're like the majority of American women and you just can't get enough of Jane Austen, Masterpiece Classic has plenty of extra goodies on their website. There is an audio slideshow with Romola Garai (Emma), behind-the-scenes video, an Emma Twitter party, and even a "Bachelors of Highbury" quiz. You know that I couldn't pass up finding out which Highbury bachelor was my most compatible match, and I think I scored the JACKPOT!

You're looking for the complete package: a man with brains, good looks, a great job, perfect manners and a sizeable fortune to boot. Well, today's your lucky day.

That's right, my most compatible match is none other than the man who is perhaps Austen's most perfect hero: Mr. George Knightley. While Darcy and Wentworth are probably my most favorite (Austen) heros, there aren't many men who can top Mr. Knightley when it comes to male perfection. Gentlemen, if you would win the heart of a fair lady, try taking some pointers from this guy.

Johnny Lee Miller (Emma 2009)

Jeremy Northam (Emma 1996)

Mark Strong (Emma 1996)

Mr. Knightley. No matter who your favorite is, he's a character that proves that nice guys can come out on top (and get the girl). Enjoy this next dose of Austen!

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