Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great Post

As a book lover, one of the hardest things that I face is the adaptation of a beloved book for the screen. I can sometimes find it difficult to appreciate a film solely for its cinematic value and not let my feelings for a book cloud my thinking. Ron Block over in The Rabbit Room posted a great article along these lines in his review of Prince Caspian. It really challenged me to "receive" the movie for what it is, and to appreciate any changes that make a good difference in the overall story. Though there will be obvious things that can seem off or just plain wrong, we must realize that just as there are no perfect books, there are no perfect movies. Ultimately, the best literary based films are those that complement the original, improve its weaker points, and drive us to read it.


Joshua Keel said...

Glad to see you're reading Rabbit Room. I *love* that site.

bookwormans said...

Me to. Thanks for introducing it to me!!