Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pressing On

It's almost Labor Day...and it has become clear that I will not finish my summer reading by then. This is the first of my summer "challenges" that I haven't been able to finish well before my official end date, and I'm a little disappointed in myself. Yes, this summer was crazy at work. Yes, I've spent a lot of my extra time planning my vacation, hanging with friends, and watching movies. And yes, the books I chose ended up taking more time than I had originally planned. But none of this makes me feel much better about being behind.

Still, I have no plans to give up on the ones I have left. So far, I have finished Cry, the Beloved Country, The Blue Castle, and Love in the Time of Cholera, and I plan on finishing Wandering Stars this weekend. I'll then be able to complete my last two books hopefully before we get too far into October. Thanks for bearing with me in this somewhat slack (for me) reading year. As I press on, I hope to get back into a more frequent reading and posting schedule. School may be back in, but summer continues here on Complete and Unabridged.

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