Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Read a Book Day

Americans got not one holiday this week...but two. On the heels of Labor Day, today is National Read a Book Day. So yeah, most of us don't need a calender to remind us to pick up a book, but it's always great to bring some awareness to those who might need a jump start.

MSN.com is celebrating with a list of celebrities and their favorite books. Did you know that Ben Affleck loves the 1982 analysis of the last Shah of Iran called Shah of Shahs? Both Judd Apatow and Anderson Cooper love James Agee's novel A Death in the Family. And Gwyneth Paltrow's favorite novel also happens to be my favorite as well. Check out the entire slideshow here.

Be sure to find your own way to celebrate today! Be frugal and head to your local library to pick up a new read, or splurge and go to your local independent book store. Re-read an old favorite. Read a book (or two, or three) to a child you know. Tell us what you are currently reading and if you like it so far. You don't need an excuse to pick up a book, but this is as good an excuse as any! Happy reading!!!

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