Monday, July 14, 2014

Books in Odd Places

In a world where almost everything has become mobile or accessible while on the go, it is no surprise that books have become that way too.  We can listen to them in our cars, or read them on our devices wherever we happen to be.  But books are beginning to make appearances in some rather odd places as well.  Here is a look at some of the random places you can find books nowadays.

New and Improved Bookmobiles
Bookmobiles have existed in America since they were wagons pulled by horses.  And though you may think this style of borrowing books is a thing of the past, many cities continue to embrace it and to use it to bring more than just books to their patrons.  The El Paso Bookmobile makes stops all over the city and includes services found at the main branches like internet access and storytelling.
Beach Reads

Though reading is as much a part of the beach as sand, sun, and water, it usually means you have to lug all of your books with you.  Until now.  From Spain and Australia to France and Tel Aviv, beaches all over the world are seeing more and more pop up libraries opening for visitors.  The libraries are usually free and patrons are encouraged to leave favorite reads of their own for others to enjoy.

Your Next Read is Calling

Due to the rise in cell phone usage, Britain has seen the need for the iconc red phone booth fall to just about nothing.  Many towns and villages, however, have chosen to save their booths by turning them into lending libraries for the community.  Readers simply use the box as an exchange place, picking up new reads and leaving others.

Little Free Libraries
Americans are getting in the spirit too (but without the cool phone booths).  All over the country "little free libraries" are popping up in big cities and small towns.  The idea of "take a book, leave a book" keeps the library stocked and neighbors can enjoy sharing books amongst each other in one convenient place.  There is even a website dedicated to helping you find a library near you, or giving you ideas on how to start your own. 
Have you noticed books popping up in unexpected places?  Share them with us! 

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